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Zaneta Kesik


Zaneta Kesik

“At the end of the day I just want to be happy being in a place where I can grow, doing what
feels right for me, surrounded by good people who share the same interest.”

Żaneta is from Poland. She grew up in a small city named Walcz, where she lived until she
was eighteen. In her teenage years she took on a lot of different things, from acrobatics and
cheerleading to street dance and ballroom. Her childhood dream: writing a book someday.

She got her bachelor in Composition and Dance Techniques in Poznan. After that she
completed two more years of Contemporary Dance Studies in Kassel, Germany.
Last year she participated in Before/After with NNT/Club Guy & Roni, as an intern. To her
great delight she got invited to be a part of the Poetic Disasters Club.

Żaneta is the one who’s always gathering the PDC members together, proposing to have a
drink after the rehearsals or during the weekends. She likes being around people. And she’s
very ambitious too; at least that’s what she’s been told her whole life by different people in
different situations. She’s still not sure whether this is good or bad …

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