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Leesclub meet-up

What makes The Picture of Dorian Gray timeless?

What is unique about Oscar Wilde? Where does the theater editing of the Noord Nederlands Toneel focus? And what can you still discover in Wilde’s handwritten manuscript that has just been published? In bookshop Van der Velde in Groningen, Lara Harbers talks to Oscar Wilde-expert Kees de Vries and Robbert van Heuven, home dramaturge of the Noord Nederlands Toneel. Welcome to join and talk with.

Bookshop Van der Velde Akerkhof 45-47, Groningen
Thursday, September 20, 19.00-20.00 hours
Dutch spoken

Caný you be there, but do you want to join in anyway? Follow the livestream via the Facebook channel of the NNT.

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